De Garabandal
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Ed Kelly. Personajes. Bibliografía.

Autor de A Walk to Garabandal: A Journey of Happiness and Hope. Oregon, 2017, 340 páginas, Create Space.

About the Author Ed Kelly is a retired high school and college Spanish teacher who lives in Brookings, Oregon where he plays in the local symphony orchestra, acts in local theater, fishes in the nearby Pacific Ocean and writes and speaks on the reported apparitions at Garabandal. Because he has written many articles for Garabandal journals he is widely recognized as an expert on the happenings, especially in the area of special interest to him - the local church’s investigation and evaluation of the apparitions. This first book, A Walk to Garabandal, is a detailed account of his life in the village starting just three and a half years after the last reported apparition. Because he has spent some four years total in the area, everyone in the small village knows the Spanish speaking American who now serves as a lector and sings in the church choir when in the village.

A BOOK RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU from Retired Bishop +Rene Henry Gracida (pero publicada por J.K. Ridley).

November 11, 2017

If you are like me you probably have no difficulty accepting the supernatural character of the apparitions and other phenomena associated with the events of Fatima of 1917 since they have received the ‘nihil obstat’ and the approval of the Holy See. Also, like me you are probably troubled by the controversies surrounding all other such events and private revelations that have occurred since Fatima.

The failure of the Holy See to disclose the findings of the commissions that have investigated Medjugorje and to either condemn or approve it make acceptance by Catholics around the world difficult and, conversely, the events of Garabandal assume increasing importance in view of the present growing crisis in the Church.

Edward Kelly’s book, A Journey of Happiness and Hope is not the usual compilation of reporting on the Church’s treatment of the apparitions and revelations, but is instead an autobiographical record of how his life was changed after he stumbled upon the village of Garabandal as a tourist in Spain in the 1960″s. But his book is not simply autobiographical because it gives the reader insight into the lives of the visionaries, their families and the other residents of the small village of Garabandal. In addition, he does provide a record of the way the Church, both local and Rome have dealt with the supernatural element of the events of Garabandal.

A Journey of Happiness and Hope is eminently readable. I could not put it down once I started reading it and the fact that Saints Padre Pio and Mother Theresa of Calcutta were such strong supporters of the visionaries of Garabandal came as a welcome surprise to me in view of the reprehensible way in which the bishops of Santander have mishandled Garabandal from the beginning. I highly recommend this book,

+Rene Henry Gracida

Claudia Vanderschraaf

Ed has a gift for storytelling and has done a good amount of research regarding the authenticity of the apparitions. March 18, 2018

This is a remarkable account of Ed Kelly’s adventures and investigations into the apparitions of the Blessed Mother to four girls in San Sebastián de Garabandal. He met up with them just a few years after the apparitions finished while they were still living there in the village. I cherished every page, as Ed has a gift for storytelling and has done a good amount of research regarding the authenticity of the apparitions. It has given me a renewed hope that the Warning and the Miracle will indeed come about in God’s perfect timing.

Ronda Chervin. Ed Kelly manages to combine painstaking research into this famous apparition with love for the message. October 14, 2017

What a fascinating book! Ed Kelly manages to combine painstaking research into this famous apparition with love for the message, for the visionaries, and the townspeople of Garabandal. A must for those who already know about this site in Spain, but also a must for those who know of it only by conflicting reports. Read it! Ronda Chervin, Ph.D., professor of philosophy and of Catholic spirituality.

Ira T. I highly recommend this book for a pleasant read. November 29, 2017

I am the person that kept Ed's computer running smoothly and I helped with scanning and collecting the photos in the book, but I never got around to reading his manuscript. He came in the other day and presented me with a copy of the final book. I am reading it right now and already I am very impressed with the final product. I am enjoying especially the small Spanish lessons he slips into the normal conversations in the book. I think I am learning Spanish. I highly recommend this book for a pleasant read. Good job Ed.